AI-Powered Search Engine

NapAnt is a cloud-based enterprise search that

searches internal information all at once

All documents and files scattered around

in your company can be searched in one go.

NapAnt lets you cross-search internal information of all linked applications at once.

No more wasting time thinking about where you stored or asking others about the file.

Find the information you want

directly from the home page.

Save FAQs in NapAnt to prevent the same questions being asked over and over again. Also, create collections of highly relevant documents based on each member or department in NapAnt, and check the latest information on your home page.

NapAnt provides high-speed and high-quality

search results even on large-scale data

By using natural language processing AI, NapAnt is able to search at high speed even from data storage exceeding 100,000 documents or terabytes of data. As it is cloud-based, it is easily scalable to accommodate future needs.

Nearly zero management cost for the IT Department.

NapAnt has built-in app connectors for 20+ apps so there are no account management costs. Additionally, NapAnt is provided through the cloud, no network management or server operation is needed.

ChatGPT for Businesses

Chat with an AI assistant who provides answers, analysis, and summaries of everything from documents, conversations, task tickets, and more. AI Assistant will help you search and summarize meeting minutes simultaneously.

Reliable Security

Even without editing permission settings for each member or department, the data will be restricted based on the viewing privileges of the linked application.

The company has acquired ISO 27001 (ISMS) certification and is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our customers.

Find information you need, instantly, easily, and accurately.

Please feel free to contact us for price quotation, compatible apps, etc.


A professional team that has developed high-quality and high-speed search engines in the past.

CEO & Co-Founder

Sunao Tateno

CTO & Co-Founder

Kengo Shikama

Full-Stack Engineer

Yuzuki Mimura

Application Engineer

Tatsuya Sakata

Partners and Investors


Onikle Inc、box Japanのエコシステムソリューションに選定


NapAntが「Box エコシステムソリューション」として認定されたことにより、クローリング処理実行時のAPIコール数が無制限になりました。
Boxでは月当たりのAPIコール数に上限(「Business Plus」プラン以下では月50,000コールまで、「Enterprise」プラン以上では100,000コールまで)が設定されており、上限を超えたAPIコールを行った場合には追加費用が発生いたします。
NapAntが「Box エコシステムソリューション」として認定されたことで、NapAntによるAPIコール数は月当たりのAPIコール数としてのカウントの対象外となります。

Onikle Inc、「DX 総合EXPO 2024 春 東京」に出展


Onikle Inc は、2024年2月20日(火)~22日(木)に東京ビッグサイトで開催されるDX実現のための総合展「DX 総合EXPO 2024 春 東京」に出展いたします。

Onikle Inc.、独立行政法人中小企業基盤整備機構「FASTAR」第10期に採択






Onikle Selected by Plug and Play as Part of the Winter/Spring 2024 Batch

December 4, 2023

Plug and Play, a global innovation platform connecting world-class startups, corporations, and investors, has just announced its Winter/Spring 2024 Batch. Onikle Inc. is proud to have been named as part of this exclusive group. Out of 400+ startups shortlisted for the program, 73 were selected to participate in the Winter/Spring 2024 Fintech Batch of the Plug and Play JAPAN.

Onikle joins Techstars Founder Catalyst 2022

December 8, 2021

JETRO selects 15 of the country’s top startups from innovation hubs across Japan. It's taking place from October 2021 to February 2022, the 18-week programme marks Techstars’ commitment to producing the best and the brighnews_image_container startups powered with the most cutting edge innovations today.

Onikle has been awarded IP Bridge Award in Asian Entrepreneurship award 2021

October 28, 2021

Award winners were selected among 30 startup entrants of Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2021 after the Semi-final session on 27th October and Final session on 28th October.

Notice of Onikle Inc. HQ Relocation

August 29, 2021

Through the changes in the office environment, we want to promote diverse work styles optimized for each individual.

Onikle: Future of Science

July 6, 2021

Research. Research. Research. Life of a researcher has no end. It doesn’t matter if you are Einstein or Tesla, you would probably go to the library or if you are lucky enough to be born in this era and you probably would just search on the internet. But does scientific research need to stay that way?

Onikle Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

April 9, 2021

Onikle announced it has joined the NVIDIA Inception program, which is designed to nurture startups revolutionising industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Onikle aquired the trademark for its brand logo

April 6, 2021

Onikle aquired the trademark for its brand logo.